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My dog, Kona, and I had a fantastic experience with our trainer, Rachel. I say “our” trainer, because she trained me as much or more than Kona. Our 8 sessions met all my goals, and I learned so much that I can take with me in the future. I was surprised at how my connection with Kona grew closer during the course of the training. That was an unexpected benefit! If you have a dog with issues you think you can’t correct, think again. Alpha Dog Instincts can help. Worth every penny.

- Jacquelyn Pettus
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Aggressive Dog Training

Aggression in dogs is one of the most difficult habits for dog owners to overcome when it comes to training their dog. The majority of dog owners have no idea how their dog's violent habits developed, and they are frequently at a loss as to how to address this critical issue.

Aggression could be traced back to a past life of trauma or abuse prior to adoption. If something like this happened early on in the dog's life, it could have had a substantial and negative impact on the dog's growth. Another common component is fear, which may result from a traumatic childhood or a life without any type of pack leader. Aggression could have grown as a result of simple bad habits or not enough discipline throughout their adolescence. Needless to say, canine aggression can manifest itself in a variety of ways - some more extreme than others. It can be quite dangerous for the dog, the owner, and anyone who may come into contact with your dog.

Alpha Instincts' Aggressive Dog Training Program is focused on how to eliminate canine aggression using proven training steps.

With enough effort, dedication, and tenacity, even the Cujo dog next door (or in your house) can be rehabilitated!

The following types of aggression can be addressed and overcome with our aggressive dog training program in Alabama:

  • Aggression towards humans, dogs, and other animals
  • Food/resource guarding
  • Territorial behavior
  • Fear
  • Leash
  • And more…

Obedience Classes For Aggressive Dogs

Aggression in a dog is one of a dog owner's greatest nightmares. Aggression is said to be innate in dogs, and some even believe it is a permanent trait that cannot be educated out of them. This is not true.

Our experienced Alabama dog trainers have trained hundreds of aggressive dogs, some of which were previously labeled by other trainers as "too far gone" or "untrainable." Not only have our trainers made a difference in dogs' aggressive behavior, but we have also given these canines and their owners long-term benefits that last throughout the dogs' lifetime!

Don't give up without first communicating with us if you have an aggressive dog and aren't sure what to do! Our trainer is committed to working with your dog until your dog improves, allowing you and your dog to enjoy peace of mind and comfort in their homes once more!

If your dog is aggressive, training is possible with Alpha Instincts! We have all of the resources you'll need to guide you to the best possible training program.

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