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Transforming dogs & their families by opening doors that were previously closed.

Our Team

Rachel Moore

Rachel is one of the founders and trainers of Alpha Instincts. Growing up, she always loved the idea of working with and being surrounded by animals, never having fewer than two dogs in her home. While attending college, Rachel volunteered for a balanced dog training company & rescue, and her passion for rehabilitation and training only grew. During her time there, she gained a lot of experience working with dogs of all ages, temperaments, and behavioral issues. This knowledge allowed Rachel to grow in her ability to train and guide clients towards building a balanced, lifelong relationship with their dogs. She has worked with and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and is continually learning and expanding her education on different training methods & dog psychology to bring the best training possible for her clients and their companions.

Megan Worthy

Megan is a trainer at Alpha Instincts that has worked in multiple animal care positions for dogs, cats, and equines over the years. She has experience in the veterinary field as a prior Certified Veterinary Assistant. Her experience in the animal medical field opened her eyes to the massive amount of dogs put on mood-altering medications without attempting training first. Seeing this prompted her to make a career change to help make a difference for those willing to put in the work with their dogs. Her canine medical handling and care experience has proven to be an asset to our team, giving clients and coworkers alike a sense of security. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her horse, Doc, and working with her Cane Corso, Raiden.


Argos has been a dog for three years and is one of the best. He plays a very important role in keeping morale at a consistent high across the company. He also plays tug-of-war with everyone to keep the team in tip-top shape.
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