Puppy Training Classes

My dog, Kona, and I had a fantastic experience with our trainer, Rachel. I say “our” trainer, because she trained me as much or more than Kona. Our 8 sessions met all my goals, and I learned so much that I can take with me in the future. I was surprised at how my connection with Kona grew closer during the course of the training. That was an unexpected benefit! If you have a dog with issues you think you can’t correct, think again. Alpha Dog Instincts can help. Worth every penny.

- Jacquelyn Pettus
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Puppy Training School

Have you recently gotten a puppy, but don't know where to begin? Puppy training can be overwhelming, and there is a lot of information online that can be confusing.

Since you are here looking at Alpha Instincts' Puppy Training Classes, now is the time to start puppy training! Our puppy training program in Alabama will not only cover the basics, but will also go above and beyond to guarantee that your young puppy grows into a well-behaved adult. By using positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement, we gradually expose your puppy to the world with the correct training - setting them up for success.

What's Different About Our Puppy Training?

During puppy training, many dog owners may only teach potty training & maybe a command or two. We take puppy training to the next level though, since dogs are born with innate abilities, and they can learn at extremely young ages! We help stop inappropriate behaviors from developing in the future. Why not nip it in the bud now, rather than waiting for things to escalate into more harmful or uncontrollable behaviors?

The following will be covered in Alpha Instincts Puppy Training:

  • House breaking
  • Crate training
  • Basic commands
  • Leash behavior
  • Greeting manners
  • Separation anxiety prevention
  • Consistent scheduling
  • Socialization and desensitization
  • And more...

Puppy Obedience Classes Near Me

Before we begin puppy training, we will conduct an in-home consultation to ensure that we address ALL of your dog's challenges and demands. Because your puppy will benefit from learning all of the right habits in your home first, our program is in-home training. We'll gradually add more distractions so your puppy may learn to behave even in more stressful or chaotic environments.

Alpha Instincts' Puppy Training Program is 5 weeks long and consists of one 30-minute session every week. We cover all aspects of food-based training, including the fundamentals of "Sit," "Down," "Place," and "Come," as well as leash manners, correct socializing, toilet training suggestions, and confidence-building.

Our puppy training curriculum equips you and your family with the skills necessary to develop a positive, engaged, and happy connection!

Our sessions begin in your home and can progress to in-public settings at your trainer's discretion.

Training can start as early as 10 weeks old! As long as your puppy has completed their vaccinations. 

5 session package.

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