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My dog, Kona, and I had a fantastic experience with our trainer, Rachel. I say “our” trainer, because she trained me as much or more than Kona. Our 8 sessions met all my goals, and I learned so much that I can take with me in the future. I was surprised at how my connection with Kona grew closer during the course of the training. That was an unexpected benefit! If you have a dog with issues you think you can’t correct, think again. Alpha Dog Instincts can help. Worth every penny.

- Jacquelyn Pettus
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Alpha Instincts’ Online Dog Training Course is Coming Soon!

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The Advantages of Virtual Dog Training Online

Exclusive Online Dog Training Classes are now available at Alpha Instincts Dog Training!

Why Choose Online Dog Training?

Training Schedule Flexibility:

  • You can easily train from the comfort of your own home and on your own time
  • There is no need to get your dog in the car and travel to a training session
  • There have been no missed lesson - train at your own pace
  • The entire family can participate

Access Our Trainers' Help Online

  • Easy forum setting where you can post your questions and also help answer other peoples' questions
  • Get in touch with trainers who are highly skilled and certified

Send In Videos

  • Send us your training videos and we'll give you some feedback

Learning environment that is both enjoyable and effective

  • Training sessions that are not forced
  • Weekly tasks that are entertaining and will keep your dog busy learning
  • Online community that is interactive and helps answer questions
  • Create a sense of community in your household by learning how to train your dog

Online Training for Every Type of Dog

  • There are no age restrictions or breed restrictions
  • No other dogs or strangers are in the room to distract you
  • Training is great for nervous and anxious pets
  • You can videotape your dog's behavior and email it to us for review and comments during your one-on-one online sessions

What can you expect?

You must complete the New Client form and the Training Disclaimer before your first meeting. You will also need to fill out a History Form for Behavior Consultations.

Private One-One-One Online Dog Training & Consultations on Behavior

  • You can easily access all of the training online and it works on all types of computers
  • For our virtual training sessions, you'll use Zoom - which is super easy to use
  • For the One-One-One Sessions,  you will be emailed a meeting link and will be able to join at the calendared time

We recommend that you practice using Zoom (which is completely free) ahead to your visit so that you are comfortable with it. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers can all use Zoom as long as it has a camera.

Online Dog Training Group

Our Online Virtual Dog Training sessions are held in a closed Facebook group, and are a casual forum setting.

In addition, the online classes include step-by-step video explanations as well as weekly practice exercises. You can send footage of you training your dog to our trainers for review, and they can help you one-on-one.

Every week, you can use our LIVE Question & Answer Session to interact and ask questions with our trainer. Or you can ask in our private Facebook group.

We require that you have Internet connectivity, as well as a camera-equipped cell phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Make sure you have enough space to work with your dog during the training sessions.

Are you ready?

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