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At Alpha Instincts, we understand that raising & training puppies requires time, effort, and expertise. That's why we are offering a Puppy Raise & Train program with 14, 30 and 60-day options. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive training experience that aligns with your specific goals for your new family member.

Our Puppy Program focuses on what it means to raise a well-rounded, stable puppy, as an adult dog's behavior is a result of their experiences during this critical stage. 

By focusing on developing appropriate behavior skills, managing unwanted behaviors and optimizing their socialization period, we can prevent issues like environmental nervousness, reactivity, aggression, etc. that can develop over time. 

Here are some of the skills we focus on and what makes our Puppy Program different from the rest:

  • Engagement & confidence building
  • Quality socialization in multiple environments
  • Functional enrichment
  • Handling exercises
  • Advocacy
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Foundational obedience with recall, place work, & loose leash walking   

What does creating a solid foundation look like

A “little nappy” makes a puppy happy!: Giving your pup enough uninterrupted nap time during the day is key to curbing nipping and hyper behavior.

Preventing unwanted behaviors: Think of raising a puppy as if you’re shaping their character–what they pick up sticks around. By being proactive and steering them toward behaviors you want, you're helping them build a toolkit of good habits and preventing bad habits from setting in.

Implementing breed-specific biological fulfillment: Biological fulfillment for dogs refers to meeting their innate, natural needs to live a healthy and content life. We provide a weekly chart for you based on your individual puppy’s needs! 

Establishing a routine: Setting up a routine for your puppy is like giving them a roadmap for their day. It's all about creating a consistent schedule that makes them feel secure and confident. When they know what to expect, it's like their world makes sense, and that's a big deal for a little pup!So, we'll work together to figure out a routine that fits into your daily life and meets your puppy's needs. It's not just about sticking to a clock–it's about finding a balance that keeps everyone happy. Let's make a plan that works for both of you!

Duration Options:

At Alpha Instincts, we offer 14-, 30- or 60-day options. The length of your puppies stay depends on your goals for your puppy. Reach out to one of our trainers today to find out which option works best for your puppy!

Why Choose Our Program?

Unmatched Training Experience:
Simply put, there's nothing like it anywhere else!
Our approach stands out because we don't just teach the basics–we tailor the experience to your puppy's unique needs in an in-home environment & out in the world, fostering essential skills and creating positive associations with their environment.

Expert Guidance
Our team consists of experienced trainers dedicated to providing the best, around-the-clock care and training for your pupp

Relief for Busy Owners:
We understand that puppies demand a lot of time and effort. Let us take on the responsibility of their early training stages, giving you peace of mind.

Tailored to Your Goals:
Your puppy's stay duration is tailored to your specific goals, both short-term & long-term. What are you wanting to do with your puppy in the future? What is involved with those activities? Whether you're focused on basic obedience, socialization, addressing specific behaviors, or planning for future activities, our experienced trainers are here to help.

Comprehensive Coverage:
Our programs go beyond the basics, and the longer the stay, the more areas we can cover! This program encompasses essential obedience, social skills, creating a level-head in public situations, and more. We believe that building a strong foundation sets the stage for a well-behaved and happy companion.

Important Note:

Due to the popularity of our Puppy Raise & Train program, we tend to book 4-8 weeks in advance. We recommend reaching out to us prior to getting your puppy to secure your spot in our program.

At Alpha Instincts, we're passionate about helping you build a strong bond with your puppy and unfold new possibilities for your lifelong best friend. Contact us today to reserve your spot!

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