Types of Dog Training

Are you in need of dog training services, but don't quite know where to start?

Get custom dog training programs from Alpha Instincts. Our dog training methods are unique to your situation, but the three main components of our tailored training program for all dog owners in the Alabama area include:

  1. Behavior concerns
  2. Lifestyle choices
  3. Training goals

Not using cookie-cutter approaches to training increases our clients' success with their canines. Our optimistic and balanced approaches are backed not only by research and industry, but also by a track record of success and countless happy clients - including the owners AND their dogs.

Alpha Instincts' training programs handle almost all behavioral disorders. Our puppy training program is for dogs 4 months and younger who need to learn the basics of potty training, good manners, proper leash behavior, socialization, getting a head start on confidence building, and more.

For dogs who need a refresher or who are exhibiting behavioral difficulties such as hyperactivity, anxiety, or leash reactivity, we also offer in-home training and our board-and-training for all of your and your dog's needs.

Dogs with serious issues, including aggressive behavior, are also welcome to participate in our training. We have a specific training regiment & curriculum for aggressive dogs training that addresses all sorts of aggression, including antagonism towards humans and dogs.

Our online dog training course is perfect for dog owners who want to train their dog from the comfort of their own home!

Alpha Instincts has all of the answers you'll need to properly train your puppy or adult dog - and we have the experience to back it up. We're ready to help your dog with any behavioral problems he or she may be having.

Call us to schedule an in-home evaluation, and we'll devise the best and most effective training plan for you and your dog based on our training recommendations and your training objectives!

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