October 13, 2021

SOS Animal Shelter

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The Save Our Strays (S.O.S.) Animal Shelter was established in 1981 with the goal of rescuing abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats. They opened the no-kill shelter in 1987 after six years of hard labor by committed volunteers and financial contributions from people and companies. They are a private, 501 (c)(3) non-profit company that is entirely funded by donations and fundraising.

The majority of S.O.S.'s efforts are concentrated in three areas. S.O.S., first and foremost, provides a safe haven for unwanted dogs and cats. Second, it makes an effort to place these animals in suitable homes. Finally, S.O.S. aims to educate the public about dog and cat overpopulation, as well as the advantages of adopting a companion pet from a shelter.

S.O.S. serves their community and is committed to keeping it's no-kill shelter open. Their previous and current restoration and expansion initiatives highlight their dedication to putting a stop to the tragedy of pet overpopulation. Despite having to turn away many animals due to their tiny facility and staff, they have rescued, rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, and adopted out over 3,000 pets.

SOS Animal Shelter Contact Info:

Address: 25944 Highway 134, Enterprise, AL 36330 

Phone: (334) 393-1743

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

SOS Animal Shelter Adoption Information

Adoption Fees:

$135 Puppies cost $160. Adult cats are $100. Kittens are $125 each.

The adoption fees cover current booster immunizations, rabies, and spay/neuter surgery. All cats are tested for feline leukemia and vaccinated against it, and all canines are screened for heartworms. Following the completion of their surgery, puppies and kittens will receive a $25 refundable spay/neuter deposit.

When a dog is adopted, he or she is microchipped. Microchipping is now offered for cats for an additional $10.

They ask that you fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire if you are interested in adopting one of their cats or dogs.

Completed forms can be dropped off at S.O.S. in person or sent to [email protected].

Volunteer Opportunities at SOS Animal Shelter

To volunteer, you must be at least 16 years old. Junior volunteers of at least ten years old are welcome to assist their parents in numerous volunteer opportunities. All applicants must attend an orientation and sign a release stating their understanding of the principles and philosophy.

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